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Virtualization has become one of the hottest technologies on the market, promising to transform the landscape of the entire computing industry. The primary reason virtualization has grown so rapidly in popularity is the unprecedented agility it provides for IT.

Virtualization can transform IT environments by consolidating multiple systems into a single server, workstation, or PC, leveraging and maximizing the full value of your investments.  Different types of virtualization include: server, application, desktop, operating system, data, and storage virtualization.

Why Virtualization?

The two primary reasons to consider virtualization technologies are:

  1. Up Front cost savings and reduction of capital expenses: by making more efficient use of the hardware that you’ve purchased, you don’t need to buy as much hardware as you would have in the past, because virtualization allows one server to do the work of multiple servers.
  2. Ongoing cost savings through reduced operating expenses: because virtualization allows you to do more with less, and improves the efficiency of each system, you won’t need to spend the same amount on power, cooling, and management (ie: IT support costs, and hardware maintenance contracts) of the same amount of systems as you would without virtualization.

3Meet has the experience, staff and vendor support to guide you to the correct virtualization strategy, allowing you to maximize your hardware and IT efficiencies, while achieving significantly higher server utilization rates by consolidating hardware.  As one of the most experienced solutions providers in the San Joaquin Valley with both VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technologies, VNS can:

  • Help you design, implement, and support a virtualization strategy that fits your needs including application, desktop, and/or server virtualization
    • Experience: 10+ years experience designing, implementing and supporting Citrix Xen, VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V environments
    • Simplicity: One number to call for all your support needs, including all software and hardware
    • Support: Direct Access to Citrix, VMware and Microsoft engineers
  • Lower your total cost of ownership through virtualization by eliminating hardware and thus reducing energy and procurement costs
  • Achieve higher server utilization rates of up to 80% (instead of typical rates of 5-15%)
  • Allow your IT staff to get back to their core duties by:
    • Reducing the resources need to upgrade software environments and upload patches
    • Reducing the time of provisioning, moving and repurposing servers
    • Providing high availability and disaster recovery functionality

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization allows you to increase the utilization of your existing hardware from 10%-15% up to 80%. This technology allows you to host many virtual servers on one physical server, lowering hardware and energy costs while increasing your organizations performance and versatility.

Application Virtualization

Application virtualization enables IT organizations to reduce the costs of delivering applications dramatically by centralizing management, security and control of applications and data. This flexible application delivery system automatically selects the best delivery method based on the user, application and network.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization technology, also known as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), allows you to centralize applications at the data center, making desktop delivery simple, secure and cost-effective. It is the best way to securely deliver Windows desktops to employees, in any location, over any network.

What Next?

3Meet has been providing virtualization solutions to customers since 2001.

Contact for more information or to discuss implementing a virtualization solution with 3Meet.