Why 3Meet ?

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Why 3Meet is Right for YOU

  • Owner/CEO/COO/CFO: Call 3Meet and scratch IT off your worry list.  We get it – you don’t spend money on technology just because you love technology.  You expect results.  You expect to see an ROI justification.   You want things done on time, on budget, and done right.  3Meet will deliver with smart, professional personnel, and solutions.
  • CIO/IT Manager: 3Meet was started by an IT professional, with a passion for technology.  We LIKE working with other IT professionals.  We’ll be your partner – whether you need a product solution, a service solution, or a project solution using a combination of products and services delivered by 3Meet.  When a business has invested in a CIO or IT manager, we know that our job is to make you look good.  We get it, and we will work closely with you to implement solutions that shine, and make you look good.  Whether you need us for a project or day-to-day issues, so that you can focus on a project, we’ll be your backstop when you need coverage, or just want to go on vacation!
  • Purchaser/Buyer: as the largest locally-owned reseller in the Benelux, we have the purchasing power, lines of credit, and vendor relationships that can be leveraged to bring you the best possible pricing, while also allowing you to do business locally, keeping the tax revenue in our community.  When you do business with 3Meet, you can support your local economy, without making any concessions on pricing or service.  And because we’re local, we can provide a level of attentiveness, service and familiarity with your account that no out-of-town company can deliver.

What Makes 3Meet Different and Why Choose 3Meet?

  1. Philosophy: 3Meet is different first because of our philosophy to businessWe believe that doing what’s best for our customers should be our first priority, then profit.  We believe that excellent service is a must, and should be expected, by every customer, every time.  And we believe that good enough is never good enough, and that mediocrity is never acceptable.

  2. Quality Recommendations3Meet won’t always be the cheapest solution, but we will always recommend quality solutions – the sort of solutions that we use to run our business (ie: we ‘eat our own dog food’), from partners who’ll be around to support the products years after you’ve made your purchase.

  3. Integrity: 3Meet employs humans, and humans will make mistakes, but we will own up to them when we do, and work hard to make things right if a mistake is made.  We will be honest in our work with you, and have integrity in what we do, so that we can earn your trust, and your business.

  4. Full Service3Meet is different because we are the only local full-service managed services and solutions provider, capable of not just designing and selling you all of the components required to produce a computer network solution, but providing all copper/fiber cabling to support it, and offering a complete set of warranty services to support you beyond the sale, throughout the entire product lifecycle.

  5. Local Focus: 3Meet is different because we are totally focused on SMB market, and committed to the same high level of standards and certification that are normally expected from much larger companies, that generally don’t have the ability to focus on customers in this region, with any degree of sustained presence.

  6. Communications: 3Meet is different because our people communicate effectively.  When we hire, we look for people who are not just technically competent, but who are good listeners, and who are able to communicate effectively, in “human language”, without using an abundance of “techie” terms.  And we are continually reinforcing the message to our team that we’re expected to be your technology partner, not just “your computer guy” (or gal).

  7. Certifications: 3Meet is different because we are, and have been a pioneer by insisting that our people are certified and that they are continually acquiring new skills and certifications.  Technology changes quickly, and we know what made us successful yesterday won’t be good enough to help us succeed tomorrow.  Our folks are continually training – even our sales team are more highly certified than many folks who work in a technical service capacity elsewhere.

  8. Details Count: 3Meet is different because our proposals are detailed and specific.  When you commission 3Meet for a project, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, what the cost will be, and how long the project will take to complete. This insistence on attention to detail is part of 3Meet culture, and our DNA.

  9. Customer Satisfaction: 3Meet is different because we perform a customer satisfaction call after ever service visit, before the invoice even goes out the door – and we’ll make contact at least 3 times before we do.  We are that committed to insuring that our customers are delighted with our services.

  10. Longevity and Tenure: And 3Meet is different because we’re committed to being here for the long haul, to support our customers well beyond the sale. 3Meet has met the Belgian’s technology needs since 2001.  We want to be the company that we’d want to do business with!